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July 31 Dorkbot CBR: Ross Gibson and Kate Richards discuss their work Spirit Patrol

In collaboration with David Broker at CCAS we have put together a short series of talks for this year  beginning with Ross Gibson and Kate Richards discussing their work Spirit Patrol in person at the CMAG theatre. We hope you can make it along!

From Spirit Patrol Kate Richard and Ross Gibson 2012 video still

Cnr. London Circuit and Civic Square, 
Canberra City

Media artists Ross Gibson and Kate Richards have been collaborating for over a decade on a significant body of electronic artwork called “Life After Wartime” based on thousands of original scene-of-crime images dating from 1945-1960 and Gibson’s original texts. Gibson and Richards will talk about “Life After Wartime” with particular focus on the newest project – a video titled “Spirit Patrol”. “Spirit Patrol” weaves an evocative tale of intrigue, betrayal and darkness set in Sydney in a period of intense cultural change and personal disruption. It is a narrative that unfolds across the city – from busy Broadway and the port, to drab suburban yards, from the seaside and the badlands of the urban fringe, into nocturnal back-rooms. The resolute, detailed images and deep blacks, rythmic visual composition, and haunting cinematic sound design touch on the austerity and uncertainty of current times. Bringing the images back to light, the artists ask: What if you dreamed these pictures? Are they moments frozen in time? Or scorched insights returning from another era? Night sweats of the soul revisiting now from some unquiet surge of the past?

Kate Richards is a Sydney-based electronic media artist. Recently she has shown at DreamWorlds Beijing, The Hordern Pavilion Sydney, Wollongong Regional Gallery, Plimsoll Gallery Hobart, The Victoria Centre for the Arts. Kate also works as a multimedia designer/producer for cultural sector clients including Stalker Theatre Company, Urban Theatre Projects, Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority and artists Barbara Campbell and Brad Miller. Kate co-ordinates the Masters of Convergent Media at the University of Western Sydney.

Ross Gibson is an award winning writer and media artist whose installations, films and books have been distributed world wide. He is currently Professor of Contemporary Arts at Sydney College of the Arts. As a curator Ross has worked at the MCA, Museum of Sydney, the Drill Hall, the Department of Foreign Affairs, Object Gallery, the Pacific wave Festival, and he was the inaugural commissioning curator at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image in Melbourne. Ten of Ross’ books have been published, and over 30 book chapters, as well as dozens of journal articles – making him one of Australia’s most well respected authors and editors on cultural and historical themes.



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Dorkbot CBR November 9 ISEA odyssey

Tracey and Dave’s ISEA Odyssey
Wednesday November 9 at 6pm
CCAS Gallery Gorman House Art Centre

dorkbot cbr has been on study leave but worry not, in November its back – with back to back sessions. Both Tracey Meziane Benson and David Broker have been in Istanbul for the Istanbul Biennale and the 2011 ISEA, International Symposium on Electronic Art. First up, they will take you on a virtual tour of Uncontainable, the exhibition of the ISEA exhibition. Uncontainable was an impressive and comprehensive show in many venues across the city that included lots of Australian content. There were squillions of clever ideas and interesting uses of all sorts of technologies – old and new. Tracey, who gave a paper at the conference, will also talk about some of the bigger issues that are current in the zone of emergent media and her residency in Turkey. This is a great opportunity to catch up on the happenin’ things in the world of electronic art and too see what people doing strange things with electricity are actually doing.

Forget The Big Bang and come to dorkbot cbr, it’s the real thing !

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Warren Armstrong Augmented Reality Dorkbot CBR 26 July 2011

Warren Armstrong is a new media artist whose web-based art, sonification and augmented reality works have been exhibited around Australia and New York. His most recent works include the Information Virus (2010), a 3D augmented reality work; and the Twitterphonicon/Twitter Hymn Book (2010) with composer Amanda Cole, an installation that converts Twitter updates into music.

He is also the curator of (Un)seen Sculptures, an exhibition of international 3D augmented reality art that is being staged in Sydney, Canberra & Melbourne throughout 2011.

Image: Warren Armstrong The Information Virus (Notitiaviridae internets) 2010

6-8 PM

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Kuuki at Dorkbot CBR Tuesday 31st May 2011

We hope you can join us in Dork for the second chat for 2011 when
Kuuki join us via Skype from Brisbane.

Kuuki is an art, design, and media production collective directed by
Gavin Sade and Priscilla Bracks.

In Japanese kuuki means air or atmosphere and is used colloquially in
phrases such as kuuki o yomu which literally means read the air, but
can be interpreted as understanding without explicit information or
unspoken moods or feelings.

Kuuki is also used to refer to “the things we take for granted, but
can’t live with out”, and for us this is one of it’s most important
meanings, because we believe that some of those things taken for
granted, are art and creativity…

Priscilla Bracks

Priscilla is a visual artist practising in photography, illustration,
installation, and new- media art. Her practice explores the world she
inhabits – from the interior landscape of the mind, to human
relationships, to the natural environment. She is interested our
experience of chaos and change as a force that shapes objects,
histories, cultures and personal identities. Her work also meditates
upon the notion that we bring the future to life through our

Before completing a first class honours degree in Photography at the
Queensland College of Art in 2002, Priscilla Bracks studied and
practiced law in Australia. This education was pivotal in the
development of her interest in relationships between human nature,
social justice, culture, media and contemporary issues.

She is represented by MARS Gallery in Melbourne Australia, and Edwina
Corlette Gallery in Brisbane, Australia, where she also lives and

Gavin Sade

Gavin is a designer in the field of interactive computational media,
with a background in music and sonology. Gavin is currently a director
of Kuuki creative media, art and design, teaches part time at the
Queensland University of Technology and is working towards a PhD in
the field of interactive media design. Gavin has exhibited
interactive media works nationally and internationally.

Since 1997 Gavin has written, coordinated and run both undergraduate
and postgraduate classes on media technology, interaction design,
physical computing, virtual reality, contemporary issues in design and
technology, game design, and web development within the faculty of
Creative Industries at the Queensland University of Technology.

Other collaborators
Glen Wetherall – Programming
Matt Petoe – Electronic engineering

Save the date: Tuesday 31 May
Time: 6 -7pm
Location: Canberra Contemporary Art Space,
Gorman House Arts Centre
Street: Ainslie Ave. Braddon

Hope to see you there!

Alex and Tracey

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Dorkbot CBR first talk for 2011 Tuesday 29th March


We hope you can join us in Dork for the first chat for 2011.

Stephen Barrass and Alexandra Gillespie will present a slideshow of
the opening of David Walsh’s
Museum of Old and New Art ( in Hobart in January this year.
MONA is notable as the first private museum of contemporary art in
Australia. Unfettered by sponsors, politics or curatorial constraints, Walsh
exhibits Dr. Nitche’s Euthanasia Machine (presented as My Beautiful Chair in
collaboration with Greg Taylor) that is too controversial for any other
museum in Australia to show, while just down the hall is Chris Ofili’s The
Holy Virgin Mary with elephant dung that was part of an exhibition cancelled
by the National Gallery of Australia…and also Stephen’s
collaborative work ZiZi the Affectionate Couch.

If there is time Stephen will also talk about work in progress for the
Embracing Innovation exhibition at Crafts ACT this month. Given even more
time he will also talk about a workshop on physical computing at the
University of Canberra this month.

Save the date: Tuesday 29th March
Time: 6 -7pm
Location: CCAS GALLERY, Gorman House Arts Centre
Street: Ainslie Ave. Braddon

Hope to see you there!


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Tim Boykett and Pippa Buchanan at Dorkbot Cbr Thurs 16 December plus Xmas drinks + ANAT meet and greet

Times Up - Moving Information Machine

Times Up - Moving Information Machine

Tim Boykett and Pippa Buchanan will join us for a chat to finish off a great year in dork!

Save the date: Thursday 16th December
Time: 5 – 7pm
Location: CCAS GALLERY, Gorman House Arts Centre
Street: Ainslie Ave. Braddon

And you are also invited to CCAS earlier at 3pm to meet Vicki Sowry, Program Manager for the Australian Network for Art and Technology, ANAT. Vicki is visiting Canberra and she would love to meet you and answer any questions you have about ANAT’s Synapse residency program and your project.

For the past two decades, Vicki has established and delivered professional programs for artists and filmmakers in partnership with industry. She has worked at Metro Screen, the Australian Film Commission, ABC Television and the Media Resource Centre. In 2007 she joined ANAT to manage the Art Science program and, in early 2010, was appointed Program Manager for the full suite of ANAT programs. for more info on ANAT please visit

Where: Canberra Contemporary Artspace, Gormon House
When: Thursday 16 December 3pm – 4.30pm

Please RSVP for catering purposes

And back to Tim and Pippa…

Tim Boykett, was born and grew up in Australia, has been living in Austria since 1991. Operating between the areas of mathematics and media art, performance and interaction: the boundaries have been and remain fluid.

Pippa Buchanan, runs the P2PU / MOzilla WebCraft project and will talk about this project

As a continuing founding member of Time’s Up, Tim has been involved in conceptualising, planning, building and presenting extended interactive mediated physical environments for the past ten years. There have been four main phases of work: the Hyperfitness Studio series, the BodySPIN series the Sensory Circus and the current series of Physical Narratives. Interwoven in these developments and installations have been a series of smaller experiments, workshops, performances and other events, including a series of “Closing the Loop” workshops. Essential to this work has been an ongoing theoretical development that rests upon a protoscientific world view (both for the development and for the participant) with an understanding of the axes of Control, Perception and Biomechanics. Parallel to this, Tim has been active as a researcher in algebra, combinatorics and computer science with several publications in international journals. His work here has included the analysis of computational models for physical processes, modelling of processes and the generation of combinatorial designs.

The cross-fertilization from the theories of mathematical and computational spaces and environments to the creation of experimental situations, leads to a abundance of possibilities. The problems of implementation and realisation are significant; one of the strengths of the Time’s Up work has been the continuing concentration upon reliable and solid physical structures for their spaces. Current developments include the development of character based physical narratives as well as investigating the parallels between mathematical and aesthetic research

Selected recent publications include:

“Notation und visuelle Musik” with Andrei Smirnov, in “Klangmaschinen zwischen Experimenten und Medientechnik” editor Daniel Gethmann and Elisabeth Shimana, September 2010.
“Aesthetic and Mathematical Research” in Bridges 2010 Proceedings, Tesselations Publishing, 2010.

“Designing performativity for mixed reality installations” with Andrew Morrison, Alex Davies, Geska Brečević, Idunn Sem & Robert Brečević, FORMakademisk, volume 3 number 1, July 2010.

“All difference families are derived from groups” in Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, Nr 2009-1, 2009.

“Conservation laws in rectangular CA” with Jarkko Kari and Siamak Taati, Journal of Cellular Automata, 2007.

“An Orderly algorithm to determine the UPP2 graphs of small order” Acta Math. Sinica 23(2), pp 249-264, 2007.

“Playing the Game: Notes on Games, Play and Gameplay in Interactive Installations” in proceedings of the Game-Art-Interface session, CGIE Conference, Perth, Australia 2006.

“Extensive multiscale interactive situations” in Proceedings of the International Digital Games Conference 2006, Portalegre.

“The Care and Feeding of Transient Realities” in TRG: On Transient Realties and their Generators, Edition TOX, Maribor, 2006.

“Sensory Circus: Yes, you will go to the Moon” in “Timeshift” edited by C Schöpf and G Stocker, Hatje Kantz Publishers, September 2004.

“Efficient exhaustive enumeration of reversible one dimensional cellular automata,” Theoretical Computer Science, Vol 325/2 pp 215-247, 2004.

“Space from Nonspace: Emergent spatiality in dynamic graphs,” Proceedings of Bridges 2005, edited by R Sarhangi.
“The development of SPIN or On the seeming impossibility to realise virtuality in the midst of virtual realities” in “Art&D,” V2 publishers, 2005.

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Keith Armstrong at Dorkbot Tues 26th October 2010

Dr Keith Armstrong will join us from Brisbane via Skype for a dorkie
chat this month.

Save the date: Tuesday 26 October
Time: 6 – 7pm
Location: CCAS GALLERY, Gorman House Arts Centre
Street: Ainslie Ave. Braddon

KEITH ARMSTRONG has specialised for 18 years in collaborative, hybrid,
new media works with an emphasis on innovative performance forms,
site-specific electronic arts, networked interactive installations,
alternative interfaces, public arts practices and art-science
collaborations. His ongoing research focuses on how scientific and
philosophical ecologies can both influence and direct the design and
conception of networked, interactive media artworks. Keith’s artworks
have been shown and profiled extensively both in Australia and
overseas and he has been the recipient of numerous grants from the
public and private sectors. He was formerly an Australia Council New
Media Arts Fellow, a doctoral and Postdoctoral New Media Fellow at
QUT’s Creative Industries Faculty and a lead researcher at the ACID
Australasian Cooperative Research Centre for Interaction Design. He is
currently a part-time Senior Research Fellow (2 days pw.) at QUT and
an actively practicing freelance new media artist.

Keith’s web site is

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