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Dorkbot CBR May 2010 presentation by Kate Richards

Better late than never Dorkbot CBR kicks off for 2010 with a presentation by Kate Richards
Tuesday 4 May 7:30 pm Canberra Contemporary Art Space

Kate will be chatting to us via Skype from her studio in Sydney.

Kate Richards develops, creates and exhibits in the new media bandwidth. She has been working with interactive multimedia for 15 years and exhibits electronic art in Australia and internationally.

Kate is in development on a new astronomy project, ‘eclipse’, in association with the Research School for Astronomy and Astrophysics at ANU and games developer Nocturnal. She is the multimedia artist on the performance project ‘Mr Dawes Pronounces Well’. In November 2010 Kate will be artist in residence with UK performance group Blast Theory. In September 09 Kate was artist in residence at Belfast’s Digital Art Studio and exhibited in the ‘OUTSIDE ISEA” exhibition, and in January 2010 she was resident at Bundanon Artist Retreat in rural NSW. ‘Wayfarer v 2 – Urban Agents’ premiered in Melbourne at the Victorian Arts Centre in November 2009. Kate’s recent multimedia art projects include ‘Foul Whisperings, Strange Matters’ in Second Life, ‘Bystander’ from the Life After Wartime suite with Ross Gibson (interactive installation, CDROMS, live performance and exhibition); the live event space ‘Wayfarer’ with Martyn Coutts; datamapping software ‘sub_scape’ with Sarah Waterson and Crying Man 4 with Lyndal Jones. An experienced and well respected collaborator, Kate also makes solo work and had a photographic exhibition ‘The Uncertainty Principle’ at the Australian Centre for Photography in October 2007.

As a multimedia concept designer and producer (SparkeMedia), Kate delivers both large and boutique scale projects, collaborating with content providers such as historians, curators, archeologists and corporate identity to develop, design and deliver a variety of multimedia formats. Her recent clients include the University of Technology Sydney with The Nobel Museum Stockholm; Landini Associates, architects; Jurlique International; Australian Network for Art and Technology; Historic Houses Trust NSW; Stalker Theatre Company; the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NSW); the Sydney Olympic Park Authority, and Otto Cserhalmi + Partners, and Jacob Allom and Wade; the Historic Houses Trust NSW, and artists Brad Miller and Barbara Campbell. Kate is currently Course Co-ordinator for the Master of Convergent Media degree at the University of Western Sydney.

Recent multimedia art projects
‘Foul Whisperings, Strange Matters’ Second Life 2008 ongoing
With Kerreen Ely-Harper and Angela Thomas
Funded by Australia Council Literature Board and the New Media Consortium
Foul Whisperings.. is a dynamic interactive way of investigating Shakespeare’s plays in a virtual world. Taking Macbeth off the page and into a realtime, networked environment, Foul Whisperings.. offers audiences new ways of understanding and experiencing classical literature. Stage 2 (Major Performing Arts Board grant) commences June 09.
Media: Second Life,

‘Wayfarer’ – a series of participatory art events 2007 ongoing
With Martyn Coutts
Funded by Australia Council Interarts, the Performance Space, Victorian Arts Centre
‘Wayfarer’ is a live event space for performers, audience and passersby. Part exploration, part competition, part surreal thriller – this project allows the audience and performers navigate new territories together. Wayfarer was a sell out at Sydney’s Performance Space@Carriage Works in Sept 2007 and v2 Urban Agents premiered in Melbourne in 2009.
Media: live performance; streamed video, audio; bluetooth, RFID. Custom software and custom hardware kit assembled from off the shelf components.
Exhibited: The Performance Space@ Carriage Works 2007, Arts Centre Melbourne

‘Bystander’ Multi channel interactive installation 2007
With Ross Gibson
Funded by Australian Research Council, the Nelson Meers Foundation, UTS
Bystander is comprised of five projection-screens and surround sound. All round the visitors, a spirit-world of images, texts and sound gets composed in response to their movement, mass and attentiveness. The result is a compelling, sensual and kinaesthetic affect, combining with the photographic and text material to create an intellectually intriguing metanarrative. To enter the space is to witness simultaneous fragments of multiple Sydney histories. Bystander is part of a suite of projects called Life After Wartime, created by Ross Gibson and Kate Richards. see
Media: steel frame, front projection screens, 5 video channels and 5:1 surround sound audio. Custom software system, written in C++; interactive audio in Max MSP.
Exhibited: The Performance Space@ Carriage Works 2007, The Justice and Police Museum 2009.

‘The Uncertainty Principle’ photographic exhibition 2007
This solo photographic show at Sydney’s ACP explores the metaphysical conundrum of ‘nature’ in a post nature age. Examining our shifting relationships to the natural world, ‘The Uncertainty Principle’ references Heisenberg’s early 20Cth axiom in a meditation on movement, perception and the annihilation of time/space.
Media: wall drawing, digital prints on voile
Exhibited: The Australian Centre for Photography Sydney

‘sub_scape’ datamapping software installations 2004 ongoing
with Sarah Waterson
‘sub_scape’ is a real-time generative system for manipulating data streams. The system samples, folds and re maps one data set onto another creating aesthetic complexes and evolving patterns, anomalies, turbulence and recursive effects.
Media: custom datamapping software with real time effects written in Max MSP and Jitter; texts, video and statistical data inputs; installation display.
Exhibited: ISEA2004 Helsinki, ‘Proof the act of seeing with one’s own eyes’ ACMI Melbourne, d<art Sydney, syncity ACP Sydney, WIFT Sydney.

Life After Wartime suite 1999 ongoing
with Ross Gibson
Life After Wartime is a suite of multimedia artworks by Kate Richards and Ross Gibson. Based on 3000 archival scene-of-crime images from Sydney and thousands of evocative texts by Gibson, each iteration within the suite uses various design and interaction techniques to engage its audience.
The suite comprises:
Crime Scene – 1999-2000 – Justice & Police Museum Sydney and touring
Darkness Loiters – 2000 – an interactive story engine, various exhibitions
Life After Wartime CD-ROM – 2003 – exhibited nationally and internationally, including South Africa, Brasil. For sale through the artists, funded by the Australian Film Commission
Life After Wartime live with The Necks – Adelaide Fringe Festival 2001 and Sydney Opera House 2003 – a live improvised event with world renowned jazz trio The Necks
Bystander – 2007 – a 5 channel interactive and immersive video installation at The Performance Space@CarriageWorks Sydney 2007
My role: collaborating artist and multimedia producer
Media: various outcomes form one database of images, texts and sounds

‘Crying Man 4’ 2004
with Lyndal Jones
This 3 channel video installation explores the complex issues of male emotionalism.
My role: collaborating artist
Media: three channels of front projection, sound
Exhibited: Artspace Sydney

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Dorkbot CBR 24 November Talk Denise Higgins

Denise Higgins November Dorkbot Talk

Denise Higgins is a multimedia artist who over the last five years has developed and exhibited several bodies of work for installation, that combine various energies—light, sound, movement and heat. The works manifest a range of material and metaphorical preoccupations concerning symbolic and cultural associations with darkness and blackness and with science and metaphysics. Her most recent Canberra installation was in a group show titled Dark, at M16 which featured sound mirrors, and video projections. Her practice focuses on creating ‘situated experience’ for beholders, a meld of intention, space, and materiality.

6:00:00 p.m. Tuesday November 24, 2009
Canberra Contemporary Art Space
Be there and Be Square!

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Jonah Brucker-Cohen October 2009 Dorkbot meeting

New York based media artist Jonah Brucker-Cohen
will join us on Skype for a video chat about his work
6:00:00 p.m. Tuesday October 27, 2009
Canberra Contemporary Art Space
Screenshot of Jonah talking to us at Dorkbot Canberra.

Jonah Brucker-Cohen chatting via Skype

Jonah Brucker-Cohen
Jonah Brucker-Cohen is a researcher, artist, and Ph.D. candidate in the Disruptive Design Team of the Networking and Telecommunications Research Group (NTRG), Trinity College Dublin. He is an adjunct assistant professor of communications at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP). He worked as an R&D OpenLab Fellow at Eyebeam in NYC from 2006/7. From 2001-4 he was a Research Fellow in the Human Connectedness Group at Media Lab Europe. He received his Masters from ITP in 1999 and was an Interval Research Fellow from 1999-2001. His work and thesis focuses on the theme of “Deconstructing Networks” which includes projects that attempt to critically challenge and subvert accepted perceptions of network interaction and experience. He is co-founder of the Dublin Art and Technology Association (DATA Group) and a recipient of the ARANEUM Prize sponsored by the Spanish Ministry of Art, Science and Technology and Fundacion ARCO. His writing has appeared in numerous international publications including WIRED Magazine, Make Magazine, Neural,, Art Asia Pacific, Gizmodo and more, and his work has been shown at events such as DEAF (03,04), Art Futura (04), SIGGRAPH (00,05), UBICOMP (02,03,04), CHI (04,06) Transmediale (02,04,08), NIME (07), ISEA (02,04,06,09), Institute of Contemporary Art in London (04), Whitney Museum of American Art’s ArtPort (03), Ars Electronica (02,04,08), Chelsea Art Museum, ZKM Museum of Contemporary Art (04-5),Museum of Modern Art (MOMA – NYC)(2008), and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) (2008).
Projects and Work:
Talk Title: “Deconstructing Networks”
Jonah will discuss his projects and work in the theme of “Deconstructing Networks”  in both physical and screen-based instantiations. He will introduce his projects that attempt to challenge and subvert accepted notions of network interaction and experience from software manipulation and rule-based systems to translating virtual processes and conventions into the physical world. Some projects he will discuss include “BumpList”, an email community for the determined, “Alerting Infrastructure!”,  a website hit counter that destroys a building, “PoliceState” a fleet of radio controlled police cars who’s movements are dictated by keywords sniffed on a local network, “Wifi-Hog” a portable system for regaining control of public wireless networks, “Wifi-Liberator” an open source toolkit to broadcast free access to pay-per-use wireless networks, “Thwonk” an online tool and social network for creating user-defined social systems,  “SimpleTEXT” a dynamically generated performance that is controlled by participants through texting messages from their cell phones, and several more projects.

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Dorkbot CBR June 2009 meeting

Announcing our June meeting in association with Canberra Contemporary Art Space (CCAS), Dorkbot CBR presents Fiona Hooton.

Date: Tuesday, 30 June 2009
Time: 6:00 pm – 7:30pm
Location: The Fireplace Room, Gorman House Arts Centre
Street: Ainslie Ave. Braddon

Fiona’s career has involved employment as an artist, educator and administrator in both state and national collecting institutions. Over this period of time she has acquired an ongoing interest in Australia’s still and moving image heritage. Currently manager of Picture Australia
Fiona will talk to us about how artists can utilise/interface with the Picture Australia Collection.

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Mitchell Whitelaw talk at National Archives of Australia

Congratualations to Mitchell Whitelaw on winning the 2008 Ian Maclean Award awarded by the National Archives of Australia.

Mitchell is talking at the National Archives  about his project “The visible archive”  which uses creative visualisation to interpret large sets of archival data.

Time: 12:30 pm
Date:  Tuesday 16th June
Place: National Archives of Australia
Corner Queen Victoria Terrace and Kings Avenue, Parkes ACT

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Dorkbot CBR May/June Meeting

Dear CBR- Dorks,

As we had a meeting earlier this month presenting Tim Plaisted and his work we will skip this months meeting and reconvene on Tuesday June 30. At this meeting Fiona Hooton is scheduled from the National Library’s Picture Australia project. Fiona will talk to us about how artists can utilise/interface with the Picture Australia Collection.

More details to follow in June.

Best Regards,


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Dorkbot Canberra April/May Meeting

Dear CBR Dorks and friends,

We have held over April’s Dorkbot meeting to host an artist talk by Tim Plaisted on Thurs 7th May in the CCAS gallery.

Tim Plaisted is an artist living in Brisbane working with media art. Plaisted’s work has been exhibited in Australia, Mexico, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, UK, USA and reviewed in Artforum. His current work, Careful Messenger (2008) continues an exploration of realtime 3d and game tools in media art from recent works, River’s End (2007) and Handheld (2006). His earlier work, Surface Browser (2004), was commissioned for the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts UK gallery launch and included in “2004: Australian Culture Now” national survey of contemporary art. Surface Browser as well as networkdposition (1999) and 24Hr Coverage (2000) were included in three MAAP (Multimedia Arts Asia Pacific) Festivals in Australia and Singapore.

Tim is in town to install and open his recent work Careful Messenger in the Cube space at CCAS the show opens on Friday May 8 at 6pm.

“Careful Messenger was inspired by my grandfather Stirling Blacket’s time as a dispatch rider in Gallipoli, relaying and confirming messages from command on his horse. In the two-channel work a horse gallops in the left
panel while in the right panel the horse pants exhausted with closed eyes, turning its head towards the viewer. Here Blacket’s horse appears as a modern day messenger, a search engine working overtime for research. In formally combining these two resonating images, the work suggests that the labour and commitments of research and information delivery, is just as critical to us today as Blacket’s missions and should be approached with the same caution and vigilance. ”

Tim’s website is

Date: Thursday, 7th May 2009
Time: 6:00pm – 7:00pm
Location: Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Gorman House Arts Centre
Street: Ainslie Ave. Braddon

Hope to see you there!


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Dorkbot CBR March Meeting

This month at Dorkbot following on from the opening of Collars at Canberra Contemporary Art Space.
Project artist Alexandra Gillespie will talk about the project beginnings, development and exhibition of the installation in the CCAS gallery amidst the work. Project programmer and electronics maestro Ben Lippmeier will talk about the technical aspects behind the project development.

At the centre of Collars, is the symbolic significance of the collar in its role as an indicator of power, control and social stratification. The artists have collected stories from significant others including friends, family and fellow artists. These stories are implanted in the collars, as it were; computer programmed electroluminescent lamps that project texts through the fabric. Through this multi-layered interconnected display of the technologies of spoken word, written word and symbolism, Gillespie and Langley literally shed light on complex personal narratives through the use of a deceptively simple, yet, loaded object, the collar.

-David Broker CCAS, Director.

Ben Lippmeier is a final year PhD student and occasional lecturer in Computer Science at the ANU and dorkbot cbr regular.

Alexandra Gillespie is a media artist whose work is primarily concerned with responding to particular sites and spatial/temporal experiences. She often utilises projection, sound, and found objects to create installations, video and photographic works. As a hybrid media artist she has worked in a range of contexts including public works, gallery exhibitions, architectural collaborations, performance and festivals.

Her work has been exhibited in Australia, Asia, America and Europe.

Alexandra holds a B.A. in Media Studies from the University of Queensland and a Masters degree in Communication Design from Queensland University of Technology. She is currently a PhD Candidate, School of Art, Photography and Media Arts, ANU. In 2007, Alexandra co-founded the Canberra chapter of dorkbot with Tracey Meziane Benson.

Currently Co-Director of the Electrofringe festival, sound/media artist, Somaya Langley also worked as co-collaborator on the project.

Date: Tuesday, 31 March 2009
Time: 6:00 pm – 7:00pm
Location: CCAS, Gorman House Arts Centre
Street: Ainslie Ave. Braddon

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Collars Exhibition at CCAS opens Fri 27th March

Introduced at the 2008 International Symposium of Electronic Art in Singapore, Collars, an immersive media installation by Canberra collaborators Alexandra Gillespie and Somaya Langely, can finally be seen in all its glory at Canberra Contemporary Art Space. With sound, LED text, and lots of imagination, Gillespie and Langley transform the humble neck piece into an installation of floating collars that symbolize power, control and memory.

In the Middlespace gallery CCAS presents a body of new work by painter Dionisia Salas Hammer, entitled 2009 A * C Odyssey. Dionisia is a recent graduate of the ANU School of Art who imagines how the earth’s geological formation might have looked if she were painting at the time of the big bang. Salas Hammer generates the exhilaration of creation itself while asking how the newly born imploding and exploding earth could be envisioned by means of abstraction.

Showing in the Cube gallery is Damaged Goods – a collection of assemblages by Melbourne based artist Mat de Moiser who uses consumer items such as Ikea furniture as the medium for his artwork. On one level it is a tongue in cheek look at the nature of art and consumerism. On a more serious level Damaged Goods reflects de Moisers’s Estonian heritage and memories of refugee grand parents whose first Australian house was built from re-purposed packing crates, with furnishings either donated by friends or salvaged from the local tip.

Collars : Alexandra Gillespie & Somaya Langley
2009 A * C Odyssey : Dionisia Salas Hammer
Damaged Goods : Mat de Moiser

The exhibitions open at CCAS Gorman House 6pm Friday March 27th
the artists will be present at the opening and all are invited to attend
The exhibitions continue until May 2nd


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Opening Tonight of Restless Habitat by Lucie Verhelst, Alistair Riddell and Belinda Jessup.

Restless Habitat
by Lucie Verhelst, Alistair Riddell and Belinda Jessup.
A kinetic textile installation exploring the
concept of home through a fusion of nomadic
culture and western suburbia.
The exhibition will be opened by
Wendy Teakel, Head of Sculpture, ANU School of Art
When: 6pm, 11 February 2009
Where: ANCA Gallery
1 Rosevear Place
Dickson ACT

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