Dorkbot CBR 2013 program – Taranaki Tales

April 10, 2013 at 2:27 am 3 comments

Shannon Novak

Shannon Novak

Dorkbot CBR is very happy to announce the program for 2013 – Taranaki Tales.

This year will focus on a series of Skype conversations with artists who participated in the SCANZ2013 3rd Nature residency, symposium and exhibition, which was located at New Plymouth, in the Taranaki region of New Zealand.

The overarching theme of SCANZ2013 3rd Nature was ‘integrated systems’ and focused on three key intersecting topics:

1. Acknowledging the environmental crisis

2. Engaging with Maori and indigenous peoples

3. Engaging with Sciences and the Hybrid Arts

The Intercreate website states that:

Integrating indigenous perspectives with creative, environmental, scientific and academic views on reality is essential to a sustainable future. At the same time, computing and digital media are changing our relationship to culture and the environment.

On the one hand digital technology allows us to analyse and display data in new ways, as when anthropologists use language databases to shed light on the movement of culture.

On the other hand digital technology adds to our senses, and extends them beyond the body to the forests and the land. Scientists, artists and others are transforming the environment into an organism, as Maori and indigenous peoples have always known it to be.

Dorkbot CBR co-overlord, Tracey Benson, participated in the SCANZ2013 residency and 3rd Nature exhibition. Upon returning to Australia, Tracey was keen to continue the conversations started in Taranaki with a mind to expand the conversations to a wider audience.

The artists giving presentations are either based in the Taranaki region, originate from there or have created works in the New Plymouth/Taranaki region that respond to the location.The first speaker, artist Shannon Novak was brought up in the Taranaki region. It is worth mentioning the interesting connection Shannon has to the title of the talks – “Taranaki Tales”, which was completely incidental. “Taranaki Tales” is also the title of a book that was written and illustrated by Shannon’s mother Paula Novak some years ago.

Shannon Novak

Shannon Novak

Shannon Novak – Biography
Shannon Novak is an artist based in Auckland, New Zealand. He works in painting, sculpture, and installation, with a focus on using geometric forms to explore his deep and abiding interest in the interrelationships between sound, colour, form, time, space, and social context. He completed a residency at CentralTrak, The University of Texas at Dallas Artists Residency in 2011, has been engaged in public commissions in Auckland, New Plymouth, and Denver, and co-founded West gallery at The University of Auckland in 2012.

Come along and meet Shannon on Skype and see what interesting things he have been doing.
When: Wednesday 1 May 6pm 2013
Where: Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Gorman house, Ainslie Avenue, Ainslie.

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