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September Dorkbot CBR meeting – Torben Sko

We are very happy to announce that Torben Sko will be presenting his interesting work on portraiture at our next meeting – Tuesday 29 September 6pm at CCAS in the main gallery space.

Torben was a finalist in the 2009 Youth Self Portrait competition and his work is currently on display as part of the exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery until September 13.

Torben Sko self portrait

Torben Sko self portrait

Driven by both his artistic and technical interests, Torben Sko is currently conducting a PhD into alternative forms of interaction for computer games. His work to date has focused on the use of facial movements as a way to both control and alter the gaming experience, in an effort to increase player enjoyment. Through his work, he has collaborated with several industries partners, including game developers and computer vision specialists.

Prior to conducting his post-graduate work, Torben completed a Bachelor of Software Engineering at the ANU’s School of Computer Science. During this degree, Torben studied computer animation in the Arts faculty. In his final year, Torben combined the two disciplines to create a virtual simulation of the campus. Since then, he’s gone on to publish several papers, which he has presented around the world and has even has some of his PhD work exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery.

Artist Statement
“Combining art and technology this work challenges the nature of portraiture and the way we view it. Embracing the theme of replication, the piece uses a computer game engine to present a vivid virtual version of the National Portrait Gallery inhabited by a three-dimensional incarnation of the artist. Developed specifically for this work, the system uses binary as brushstrokes, which not only
enables rich, realistic visuals but also enables it to break free from traditional art by incorporating movement and even behaviour into the piece. Using facial tracking the portrait takes on the physical behaviour of the viewer, encouraging them to explore, interact and inhabit the work. In doing so, this work invites the viewer to not only look at the artist, but at themselves too.”

Look forward to seeing you there!

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