Dorkbot CBR February Meeting

February 9, 2009 at 9:55 am Leave a comment

This month at Dorkbot Canberra we welcome Tim Brook.

From Tim’s web site:

Most of the photographs that I use display a basic technical competence, but not all of them. Photographers often ask me why I show photographs that are overexposed or badly composed. The answer, of course, is that I am not showing photographs, I am showing transitions between photographs. It is the relationship between the images that interests me. As individual photographs they may or may not be well composed. I remain fascinated by the subtlety and complexity of spatial relationships when they are juxtaposed in time. A slide-tape piece invites a viewer to make new connections. (


Tim is an independent audio-visual artist—among other things, he makes slide-tape works. He blends colour slides on a screen one after the other to produce a sequence of slowly changing images. He describes each slide-tape work as ‘an invitation to make connections’. He’s been making them since 1980, working with composers, performers, theatrical directors and with other visual artists. Once he worked with a reggae band and once with a Nigerian Rastafarian and four drummers. Now he works mainly with recorded sound and commissioned music.

As a photographer, Tim was originally known for documenting the work of visual and performing artists. Since 1994, most of his work has been a close study of surfaces—their textures, patterns and colours. His corrugated iron series is one result of this study. More recently he has been photographing reflections.

Tim has undertaken researched into online and onscreen communication. He has identified features of new form of language for education online, a language growing out of spoken and written language but going beyond them. Some of these developments involved word usage but many more involved the use of non-verbal elements to make meaning, for example the systematic layering of information in metaphoric learning environments.

Currently, Tim is a Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University School of Art and a member of the board of PhotoAccess.

Tuesday Feb 24 at 6.00pm in the Fireplace Room, Gorman House.

Be there and be square!


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