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March dorkbot cbr meeting – Speaker: Benjamin Forster

Announcing our March meeting in association with Canberra Contemporary Art Space (CCAS), Dorkbot CBR presents Benjamin Forster, member of dorkbot cbr and BEAM.
Date: Tuesday, 25 March 2008
Time: 5:30pm – 7:30pm
Location: The Fireplace Room, Gorman House Arts Centre
Street: Ainslie Ave. Braddon 

Tracey:  What are you thinking about presenting at the meeting this month?

Benjamin: My plan is not to give a formal presentation but rather to facilitate a conversation around the issues of machine creativity, and perhaps more generally the externalisation of the art-making process. I will probably show the development of my own drawing machine, along with the work of some other relevant artists, for example Harold Cohen’s AARON.

Biography: Benjamin Forster (b. 1985 Sydney Australia)

Since a young child Benjamin Forster has been obsessively intrigued by drawing.  This obsession led him to undertake formal education in Visual Arts at the Australian National University in 2004. Continuing this study, Benjamin has just recently commenced his Honours of Visual Arts majoring in Printmedia and Drawing. As a complement to his education, and interest in visual arts, Benjamin currently works as a museum assistant at Canberra Museum and Gallery. Over the last two years his investigation of drawing, both as a physical act and also as a cognitive process, has culminated in his attempts to teach a computer to draw. Benjamin’s work has been exhibited in several group exhibitions, as well as being projected on buildings around Canberra as part of the Beam Group.

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